Bottom trawling, scallop dredging and Danish seining are destructive fishing methods that have been ripping up the Hauraki Gulf seafloor for decades. Seafloor species and habitats are being decimated and whole ecosystems have disappeared. It’s a violation of our environment at the hands of a few.

Right now we have a real opportunity to make an impact on the recovery of the Hauraki Gulf. We can effect change by making a submission on the Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan that is currently out for public input.

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We want to show how many people want these destructive fishing methods gone from the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.


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Public submissions on the Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan have now closed. The final decision on the plan will be made at some stage in 2023.

Why IS bottom trawling so bad? 

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2023: the opportunity is now.

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A recent survey* has revealed that 84% of people living in the Gulf area want these fishing methods gone from Hauraki Gulf Marine Park for good, yet shockingly, they are being allowed to continue.

* Horizon Research November 2021

2023 presents us with the greatest opportunity we have ever had to completely remove these fishing methods as the Government addresses a new Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan for both recreational and commercial fishing. It is already proposed that all recreational dredging of scallops will be banned yet commercial dredging on an industrial scale can continue.

The Hauraki Gulf Alliance is an unprecedented gathering of organisations coming together as one to finally achieve the removal of these fishing practices for the benefit of our future population and the living organisms that call the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park their home.

Join with us in the Alliance and let’s stop the trawl and dredge.

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Members of the Hauraki Gulf Alliance

Natural Logic Environmental Management Ltd

Christini Builders 

Gateway investments

AB Consultancy

JW Construction

Parkland Products


Elite hydraulics

Progressive plastering

Ro-eco Construction

K D M Membrane Roofing

Avenue Clothing Ltd

International Cargo Systems

Peninsula Business Services

Saltwater Science Ltd

Market Aotearoa

Barak Investments

Pitchblack Partners